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Student / Executive immersion programs

Asia is unique when it comes to doing business. Unlike the West, Asian’s like to take time out to get to know the person they’re doing business with, corporate gifts need to be gift wrapped and will never be opened in front of the guest. At meetings, while Indians are more outspoken and will ask questions, the Chinese tend not to question authority, – yet how does one understand these subtle cultural nuances, figure out how to combat them effectively and make the most of your investment in INCHIN?

Because we at INCHIN CLOSER believe that there is a strong link between conducting business in a foreign country and understanding their culture well, we also know that as a growing institution, it is imperative for you, your students or managers to fully understand the nuances of INCHIN’s business culture, ethics  and etiquette.

Designed specially for the student / executive, to get a flavor of the business culture in INCHIN, our visits are a mixture of business and cultural experiences.

During these immersion study programs, delegates will get to visit Indian, Chinese and Multinational firms across cities within INdia and CHINa. Interactions, presentations, discussions and factory visits with managers well acquainted with doing business in INCHIN will be organized in order for delegates to discern the cultural nuances of doing business in INdia ad CHINa. Besides learning from the first hand experiences of managers, the resumes of interested delegates will also be shared with the companies visited and similarly contact information of companies visited will be made available to delegates.

Besides the business aspect, delegates will also get a chance to discover the culture of INdia or CHINa first hand by visiting shows, exhibitions, cultural talks and events.

Further, the business immersion study programs are flexible and clients can opt for visits tailored to their particular sector, cities, duration or budget.

Interested Educational Institutions and Companies may get in touch with us for the same at

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