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Who do we teach?

Professionals – Inchin Closer’s Mandarin classes are attended by bankers, traders, businessmen, analysts, foreign policy and think tank experts, engineers, consultants and more!  We welcome you all!

Corporates – We teach basic Mandarin to professionals and businessmen across industries and corporate sectors. We are able to specifically train teams that are going to China for a project and tutor mid and senior level professionals.

Students – Inchin Closer has conducted special programs for select IB schools. We also teach Mandarin as part of the CAS (Creative, Activity and Service) component throughout the IB academic year. In addition we also conduct courses for children 5 years and up.

Expats – The international community in India, which flows in from all corners of the world, including people who have learnt Mandarin before and want to keep up with the language as well as people who want to learn Mandarin with the hope of one day going to China or re-visiting China.

Housewives – Who feel its just not their kids who should be learning something new, kewl and different.

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