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About Us

Inchin Closer is a comprehensive India-China language and cultural consultancy which seeks to bridge the information gap between the two most dynamic countries of our generation.

To improve understanding, dissolve barriers and invigorate interest of and between India and China, Inchin Closer works across sectors with companies, trade bodies, educational institutions and organizations to Bring India and China closer.

Having lived and worked extensively in both nations, our experts believe there is a strong link between doing business in a foreign country and understanding their language and culture, as a result, we at Inchin Closer aim to provide you with a 360 degree comprehensive language and culture service enabling you to engage with every aspect of India and China better.

As part of the consultancy, Inchin Closer runs a Mandarin Language Institute in India, where native Chinese professionals are brought to India from Mainland China to teach students perfect, standardized Mandarin as spoken in Beijing. Additionally, in line with our vision of looking at India and China from our own perspectives, we teach Mandarin phonetics through Hindi, which makes Mandarin more familiar to the Indian palate and much less intimidating to learn.

As bilateral trade between India and China balloons, the need for Indians who speak and are familiar with Mandarin is only expected to increase. As a result, we maintain a database of our students, their progress, ability and comfort level with Mandarin. Companies looking to hire Indians across any industry with Mandarin skills may contact us. Similarly, students who wish to be recruited for employment in China may inform us.

Further, to improve the information exchange between the two nations, we also publish a daily news and analysis section. Written exclusively by Indians and Chinese working between the two nations, we aim to provide the reader with current India-China news as we see it, as it impacts us, and how we would like it to be in the future. In order to stay updated, you may subscribe to our daily news posts on this website or you may subscribe to our monthly newsletter which provides the best in news, trends and analysis from India and China.

Inchin Closer also runs a forum for international discussion, debate and as a platform where people from around the world can collaborate and share experiences to create a deeper and better understanding of the two nations and their impact on the world. As a result, Inchin Closer encourages you to write in, share your experiences, ponder over policies, offer opinions and ask questions to professionals experienced in the region across sectors such as law, tax, marketing, culture, travel, economy, trade, art, technology and education.

Inchin Closer is founded by Nazia Vasi, an experienced India-China Business Consultant. Xiaojie Wang, a China-India strategic consultant is partner at the consultancy.

Having worked and traveled extensively in both countries, Nazia and Xiaojie both speak Hindi and Mandarin, understand the culture as well as best business practices in India and China.  Their passion for creating a better understanding between and about the two nations is what makes Inchin Closer a company motivated to bringing you the best in India and China.

Quote from a friend, “Nazia – not only do you have the drive, the vision, the clarity of thought and purpose, but also the ability to translate it to nitty-gritty implementation as well as the patience, determination and persistence that it takes to make such ventures succeed.”

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