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Starting 2013 on a positive note

January 3, 2013

Welcoming in the beginning to a Gregorian new year 2013, China and India started off on a positive, warm note. Diplomatic discussions strengthened ties and a new Chinese ambassador Wei Wei – a senior diplomat will take over from Zhang Yan in New Delhi. Additionally a new Consul General in Mumbai will seek to refresh ties between the neighbors.Also a new government in Beijing and increased, bilateral and multilateral meetings point to better, more fulfilling and fruitful relations between the sweet and sour nations in 2013. In early January, Shivshankar Menon, India’s most knowledgable Chinese advisor will also host outgoing state councillor Dai Bingguo at a meeting of BRICS NSA’s in New Delhi.

While both nations will remain key to global economic growth, experts believe it is both in India and China’s interest to build on their strengthening bilateral ties. Media reports hover around learning from each others follies, boosting bilateral trade, a deeper understanding and bridge building exercises. Business houses are increasingly looking at working together with Chinese companies even as loans from Chinese banks funds equipment, machinery and infrastructure in India. Students and cultural exchanges have increased and there is a general positive vibe around the two neighbours. While the year of the dragon proved compelling enough to rise and smolder the embers of distrust looming in the diplomatic quarters, trade and commerce dispelled distrust.

The new year 2013 is expected to begin Sino-Indian relations on a clean, positive slate. We will explore each others markets further, learn from fellow developing nations mistakes, reduce domestic social unrest and build stringer bridges.

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